Topic 5: Reflective Summary

Most of my classmates would have agreed that open access definitely is beneficial for a student but maybe not so much as a content publisher. Most importantly, we must give credits to the author by citing the information back to the website. After all we are just “borrowing” a part of information or writings from them so I believe a form of recognition needs to be given.

The Internet has helped to connect everyone globally and now with free open access, learning can be done anywhere at anytime. Research for school and work project can be found efficiently, sharing it with people from all around the globe.

Like what Slyvia mentioned in her post, when an author’s work is being recognised, he/she will gain many citation flows. Because nowadays information are free on the Internet for everyone, so writers usually receive golden token recognition. This is one of the motivation for them to keep on producing quality work, bringing values to the insights they can provide to readers. On top of that, they may get headhunted by well reputable companies in return for their efforts in producing quality work.

As a whole, Amanda said ‘open access system expedited the efficiency in research whereas bringing the worries of plagiarism and lack of innovation’. I strongly agree with her as plagiarism is a major issue in this technology world, therefore every work and education system practicing it.

In conclusion, open access is meant for everyone but we should not take advantage of all which is free. We must appreciate everyone’s work and not take it as our own.


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