Topic 4: Reflective Summary

I wrote a post on ethical issues raised by educational use of social media and I realised that most of my classmates wrote about the businesses use so I will do a summary based on both.


This is very important. In terms of education and even for businesses, the Internet is the access to anything and by uploading anything negative, reputation is at stake. For schools, teachers and students are the representatives and their actions online determine the reputation of the school. Irresponsible actions online (example I gave was a teacher that mock the student’s essays) or photos of inappropriate dressings show how strict the school is, and how well they are able to manage such issues. For businesses, employees should always be very cautious when it comes to replying a customer’s complain on their social media or even leaving a harsh comment on the competitive which may comes across as being unprofessional.


One of the key things I have learnt is that being anonymous doesn’t mean that you are really anonymous, it is just a mask to hide a person’s identity. But at the very end of the day, whichever website you visited, it leaves a track and everything is traceable. With the modern technology we have right now, being anonymous isn’t really as safe as you think. People are still able to check your identity just by using your IP address, that simple and easy. A lot of people also take advantage on anonymity by leaving harsh comments on people’s social media and even spread bad reviews regarding its competitors everywhere on the Internet. Such actions are not ethical and once the truth is being exposed like old bone, gone is reputation, that’s how they are both linked.

In conclusion, I feel that when it comes to such issues. Organisations should have a set of preventive measures or even guideline to begin with, and to also emphasise on the importance of responsibility in being part of the organisation. On top of that, the company needs to have a zero tolerance on putting the company’s reputation at risk, and every employees should sign the ‘code of ethics’ contract to make sure that they read, understand the content and willing to commit. It is sad but true that all of us need to be constantly reminded of the consequences that we may faced if we act recklessly online.

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