Topic 3: Reflective Summary

Be authentic and consistent.

This is what I have learnt after reading through most of my classmates’ post. I couldn’t agree more. I believe that by being authentic, you are able to listen to yourself, be aware of how far your strengths can take you and how you can play your weaknesses as a form of good flaw.

Throughout the whole post, Ruhuan emphasise on being consistent when it comes to posing content that is in line with who you are. She mentioned ‘Post materials that are necessary and practical. It is always good to keep it simple and clean.’ This is very true as keeping it simple and clean means being straightforward, highlighting key points that are important. On top of that, it is very crucial not to lie. Scott Thompson, former Yahoo CEO was caught for adding in a computer science degree in his resume when he does not even own one. It is a form of embarrassment and by lying, it actually spoils your reputation really bad. Nobody likes it, right?

What Evelina wrote was about having an authentic online profile and keeping yourself interesting at the very same time. Just like her, it feels weird to not have an internet profile, it’s like not having an identity online and no one else can connect to me because I simply do not exist. What I have learnt is that by having an authentic online profile doesn’t mean it is all about the good points of me, but to include also my weaknesses, in a tactical way.

Instead of trying to hide or change your weaknesses, highlight your strengths because at time, we will never know they are hidden in those weaknesses. For example, you can mention that you’re a loyal and responsible instead of boring, or organised and dedicated if you are not a fan of changes. By doing so, it shows that you are aware of your ability to overcome challenges, accept you for who you are and work things positively from there and being honest.

There are other points such as being organised, creative or even get tips on writing a successful CV. However, authenticity comes from within. It all depends on how well I am able to build and manage my online profile, keeping it real and true to who I am when offline.

20141114_181626Being random here, to show you my puppy placing his paw on the leg of my chair while I am typing out this post. Haha. Happy Thursday peeps!



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